Rifa Achrinza

Student & Developer

Creating fast and responsive websites
while studying

A portrait of Rifa.

Rifa Achrinza

Hi there! I'm Rifa, a student who's passionate about Web Designing since 2011. Information on my projects and accomplishments are compiled in this website.

Modern Web Designer

With at least 9 years of experience with web development, I have self-taught myself how to develop, prepare and launch websites; including setting up the architecture to host them.

Current Trends

I keep up with the latest technologies and insights and adopt them to ensure all of my work take full advantage of them.

Hand Coded

All of my websites are coded manually to ensure the best optimization possible allowing fast loading and a seamless user experience.

Never Compromised

I never use fragile hacks in my code, ever. I always prioritize stability and security, aiming for long-term compatibility and low-maintenance.

Certified & Trusted

Certified by some of the best Fortune 500 companies, I have generated myself noteworthy certificates.