Rifa Achrinza

Web Developer & Cybersecurity Fanatic

Backend Web Developer, LoopBack 4 TSC Member

Hi, I'm Rifa. A freelance developer who has a soft spot for the World Wide Web. I've started my journey in frontend web development before expanding to cloud and on-premise infrastructure management, and cybersecurity. I'm now a student pursuing Cybersecrity and Digital Forensics, a TSC member for LoopBack 4 - an open-source web framework by IBM - and a Cybersecurty Researcher Intern at V-Key.

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PGP Public Key

The latest copy of my PGP public key (0xACFCB9D11FCE3246) can be retrieved at these URLs:


Reach out to me via email at rifa@[my surname].com.

If you're sending encrypted email, please use PGP subkey 0x6DFF1D3F2C593964.